There are many people that will search around each year when their utility contract comes to an end and will see whether they should switch to a cheaper company. However, there are also people that always stick with the same one and do not change at all. You may wonder which it is best to be like. It is therefore worth considering why people may or may not switch.


Utility providers will differ in how much they cost. This means that there will be some that are cheaper than others. It tends to be the case that it is the larger and more well-established companies that can charge more. They can get away with charging more because people have heard of them and are more likely to use them because they trust them. However, they can be significantly more expensive and switching to another provider can allow you to save a significant amount of money. The savings may seem small per month, but over the years they can add up to a significant amount.

Brand Loyalty

There are some people that like to stick with the same provider all of the time out of brand loyalty. This is because they trust that provider, they know what to expect from them and have probably never had any problems with them. Therefore, they make sure that they always stick with them. This can be understandable but it is worth thinking about the fact that if you do not try any different providers then you never know what you are missing. You could not only be missing out on lower prices but also on a better service.

Reputation of Provider

Some people worry about the reputation of the provider that they are choosing. They wonder whether they will swap to one that might not treat them very well. It is worth thinking about how much contact you actually have with a utility provider though. Most people will just use the service and pay their bills, perhaps by direct debit and very rarely ever get in touch with the provider at all. This means that whether they have a good reputation or not might be completely irrelevant.

Hassle of Switching

There could be a worry about the hassle of switching over to a new provider. Actually, they do make it very simple because they want you to be able to switch over easily. You will need to give them your details, which can often be done over the phone or online and they will need you to read your meter on the day it switches over. That is pretty much all you will normally need to do and so this is very straightforward. Even if you do this every year it will not take that long and it could be well worth it if you save money.

Money you Owe

One set back could be a problem if you are in debt to your utility provider. If you owe them money then you will need to pay this before you can switch to another company. You might be able to afford to do this, but this will depend on your situation. Some people pay a standard amount each month for their electricity and gas and they will therefore end up building up some debt over the winter which they pay off over the summer. This helps to spread the cost but does mean that if you are looking to switch in the spring then you may owe quite a big chunk of money that you will need to pay off first, which might be tricky.

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